Thursday, November 29

Wood Morning & Happy Thrusting Thursday!

Wood Morning & Happy Thrusting Thursday, Fyre Fans! Celebrate the pending arrival of Freaky Friday w/ a lil'!

Tuesday, November 27

Hungry or Horny?

I don't know if this makes me hungry or horny?! I'm thinkin BOTH! Simultaneously! Time for lunch w/ ...Hehe ;-p

Dyson Ball Cleaning? Anyone?

Well that's another way to go about it! Any takers on the "Dyson Ball Cleaner"? Haha! ;)

Gemma Hiles in, "Anna Lavato Yes Miss"!

Watch the B-Day Girl, Gemma Hiles in "Anna Lovato Yes Miss" from BlueBirdFilms now!!

Happy B-Day Gemma Hiles!

Happy B-Day to the gorgeous Gemma Hiles! In all fairness to the Carribean, try not to stay there too long HOTTIE! Have fun! ;)